Product Description

The Best Tool for District Leaders and Teachers to Lead Wellbeing in the Classroom in Order to Improve Learning Results.
School Day asks students questions about their wellbeing, analyzes the data, and provides real-time insight. Our service highlights what’s going well in the classroom and provides easily implementable solutions. From the classroom to school and district level, we help students and educators around the world learn how wellbeing improves learning outcomes.

Amplify Student Voice Into Actionable Data and Intervention Strategies to Improve Student Wellbeing and SEL


Born From the Best Education System in the World

School Day is based on the well-known Finnish education experience – tailored to all educators globally. When it comes to succeeding both in academic performance and student happiness, we believe that well-being should be treated as the single most important means to improve learning results. School Day is deeply grounded on empirical social-emotional learning and wellbeing research and pedagogy.

Professional Development Course on SEL and Wellbeing

To better understand the concepts of wellbeing and bring them into your teaching routine, we’ve teamed up with Microsoft and created a brand-new course on social-emotional learning on Microsoft Learn!

The 60-minute course consists of three units that explain both the scientific and the practical of social-emotional enhancement. You will be recommended short presentations and articles, as well as additional material to try out with your students.