Product Description

The Award-Winning Focus Tiger – improved focus in 6 weeks

84% of Focus Tigers increase their daily productive work time by over 1 hour.

Improve your people’s focus and productivity with the brain research-based Focus Tiger program designed for busy brain workers.

Without concentration, there is no productivity.

An average brain worker’s attention span has dropped to 47 seconds*. We feel busier but are accomplishing less.

With Focus Tiger, you improve your employees’ productivity and incorporate focus rules for the whole organization.

Learn the skill to focus to

  • get the important things done
  • reach your goals
  • lower your risk for burnout

In 10 minutes/day, you’ll learn concrete neuroscience-based tools for affecting your brain chemistry in favor of motivation, focus, and productivity.

After 6 weeks, Focus Tigers reduced multitasking by 60%, set 50% more daily goals and increased feeling of accomplishment by 57%.

The Driver’s License for cognitive performance

How much money would you gain if your employees increased productivity by over 1 hour each day?

Let us do the math for you.

Developed by our team of neuroscientists, psychologists, and business experts, the Focus Tiger program is designed for organizations that want to deliver better results.